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Special Telecoms Requirements

Bringing Low Code to the Telecoms Industry

The Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP) not only supports the composition of telecoms network applications. CSPs also use the T-LCAP to easily, quickly, and reliably compose enterprise applications that exploit the richness of the telecoms network as well as IT systems.

Unlike other low-code application platforms confined to the IT realm, the T-LCAP is positioned within the telecoms network, into which it is seamlessly integrated. The underlying technology is based on the tried-and-true telecoms components, the service execution engine and model-based, automated tools already utilized by leading CSPs for decades as integral parts of our former service delivery platform. Thus, the T-LCAP reliably supports virtually all the special requirements of the telecoms industry, such as:

  • Integration into telecoms infrastructure, making the T-LCAP agnostic to the network technology in use, e.g., TDM, softswitch, IMS, VoLTE, 4G, 5G, etc.

  • Support of telecoms protocols on a message level encapsulated in the automated tools as well as in JS libraries.

  • Automated integration into telecoms backend systems, e.g., OSS/BSS, to provision and charge services.

  • High event throughput with low latency via optimized event bus guaranteeing the high availability required in telecoms.

  • Telecoms simulators for automated unit testing of all aspects of a service application.

  • Automated support of non-functional requirements, e.g., tracing, real-time monitoring and alarming.

  • Instant integration of third-party cloud services, e.g., for AI, cloud storage, etc., not requiring any knowledge of the underlying REST or SOAP protocol.

  • Automatic deployment and lifecycle management via VNF managers, as well as interfaces to specialized deployment tools for CI/CD.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, as we and our low-code tech are dedicated exclusively to the telecoms industry, we are continuously producing Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) and ready-to-use apps for telecoms network services and enterprise products, all to support better business outcomes for CSPs and their customers.

Bringing Low Code to Telecoms

This is the first of a series of ECT e-books on low code and its significance for CSPs. It discusses the motivation behind low code, how it is revolutionizing IT and what is required to bring low code to the telecoms network.

Estimated Reading Time: 16 minutes (13 pages)