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Product Individualization

Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention via Individualized Products

Large corporates and municipalities often have their own special needs, e.g. for the integration of their enterprise systems into communications services. In some European countries, large organizations issue tenders for their business services on a regular basis.

If you’re looking to gain a larger share of the enterprise and public sector markets, such tenders are your opportunity to acquire new customers and acquire a large number of subscribers all at once with lower acquisition costs. But it’s not easy to win such tenders: they can include all kinds of new features as well as integrations with a myriad of proprietary systems and third-party products.

If you’re reselling a one-size-fits-all OTT product, you’ll have great difficulty coming out on top, as most global OTTs don’t care what individualization your customer might want. Even if you have developed your own product, without telecoms low code, the individualization of services to meet the customer’s requirements can be slow and costly. So if you want to get an entire organization to move from their current provider to your product, then you have to up the ante on cost-effectiveness, customization and flexibility. You stand to be the big winner here using telecoms low code to respond agilely to special requests and to individualize your product for each of your major accounts. And when you continuously individualize a product for a specific enterprise, you earn more and improve long-term customer retention.
ECT rev Jaane Hankaankorpi

Janne Hankaankorpi Director of Corporate Services
DNA, Telenor Group, Finland

“We have diverse network and business services based on ECT Packaged Business Capabilities.

By also using their Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform and integrating an ECT Dedicated Agile Development Squad into our own DevOps, we respond to market demands really quickly and cost-effectively.

This a real tangible competitive advantage when we participate in tenders from municipalities and enterprises requiring customizations and special features. It all translates into ever-improving business outcomes for DNA and our customers.”

ECT rev Robin Hogenkamp

Robin Hogenkamp Business Manager – Contact Center Services (CCS)
VodafoneZiggo, NL

"We have contact center services for large enterprises, our partner channel and the public sector, all based on ECT technology. Using their low-code platform, our voice engineering team responds quickly to market demands, can further innovate existing propositions and even compose new service offerings.

The combination is a great match and provides a real competitive advantage that helps us to win important tenders.”

At ECT, we appreciate that you have to be able to respond continuously to changing use cases and requirements to optimize customer acquisition and retention. That’s why we offer you continuous co-development of your products starting the day you launch them.
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Consider Your Choices for
Telecoms Services and Products

These are your five options when launching new solutions.