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Service Migration, Consolidation and Modernization

Overcoming Legacy Obstacles
to be Quicker than Ever Before

Many CSPs grew out of a process of mergers and acquisitions, ending up with heterogeneous networks with multiple legacy platforms and island solutions for various products and services. Often the vendors of these platforms have already declared end of life or even end of service. (BTW: In 23 years, ECT has never declared end of service.) Maintaining all these legacy platforms greatly increases operational costs and also hinders product innovation.

CSPs are continually investing extremely heavily in the newest technology, be it IMS, VoLTE, 5G, edge computing, telco cloud, etc. However, the platforms providing services and products are often far behind and this prevents CSPs from getting the most out of their network investments.

One of the key ways we support better business outcomes for CSPs is by migrating and consolidating existing services and products onto our Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform. We are experts in ensuring a smooth transition for all the existing users of the services, preventing churn. Moreover, with our Telecoms LCAP, you lower your operational costs significantly, making all services more profitable. Lastly, your future is bright when you have the ability to individualize products for key customers and further enhance them via your own citizen developers and in continuous co-development with ECT.
ECT rev Paul Mercure

Paul Mercure Director
Voice Planning & Engineering
Virgin Media O2, UK

"We are currently implementing a network transformation to reduce OPEX and further develop our enterprise business. Migration from legacy systems, virtualization and product innovation all play a big role in this process and require a trusted, long-term technology partner.

ECT, having worked for VMB for over 15 years, has displayed great expertise in all three areas. The migrations have helped us reduce maintenance costs for multiple legacy systems. Our customers are highly satisfied with the VMB services provided as well as the new functionality and features we are able to offer them together with ECT. It all amounts to better business outcomes for us and our customers.”

ECT rev Erik Hammega

Erik Hammega Account Director
Nokia, NL

“Together with our partner ECT, Nokia realized an important migration project at a leading European operator to phase out their legacy Service Number platform. The solution that we provided is 100% virtualized and ready for Nokia Telco-cloud.

The partnership with ECT works out particularly well and in the meantime we have expanded our success to other European carriers.”

We have seen how many CSPs have heterogeneous and sometimes even proprietary network architecture and know how important it is that our Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform support a wide range of special telecoms requirements.
Here at ECT, we provide our full portfolio of value-added services as cloud-native functions (CNFs) with Kubernetes-based management and orchestration. For details visit Cloud-Native Telecoms and Containerization page.