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Telecoms Modernization

Lower Your OPEX and Increase your Flexibility by Modernizing VAS Platforms

From intelligent networks to service delivery platforms to low code. From bare-metal to virtualization to VNF manager support to automated lifecycle management and containerization. Our research and development implements advancements in the technology behind telecoms services as soon as it is feasible. This is what makes us different from other vendors of low-code technology: we are experts in telecoms network technology.

Although CSPs are constantly investing in the newest network technology, moving in ever-shorter cycles from 3G to 4G and now to 5G, older technology for network and business services often limits their ability to capitalize off this investment: you can’t get a return on your investment in 5G just selling bandwidth and reselling third-party products and services. Moreover, the development of technology for services has also been accelerating in leaps and bounds. Together with ECT, you have a partner who is continually modernizing service creation and deployment, empowering you to compete successfully in the high-margin market for business services.

ECT rev Erik Busse

Erik Bussé Domain Manager VAS
Core & Communication Service
Proximus, Belgium

“For over 15 years, I have worked successfully on network and business services with our partner ECT. Together, we mastered transitions from TDM to IMS, from bare metal to fully virtualized solutions, migrated services from legacy platforms, added WebRTC capabilities and implemented ECT’s Service Delivery Platform, now to be upgraded to the Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform. We also participate in ECT’s Joint Agile Product Development Program. ECT’s research and development keeps the underlying technology, the capabilities and the cost efficiency of our solutions on the cutting edge of our industry. It seems there’s never a challenge we cannot meet together.”

We know that CSPs are investing heavily in new network tech and their solutions for services and products have to keep pace. That’s why network technology is particularly important to our R&D.

Network Function Virtualization for Value-Added Telecoms Services

In this e-book, we explain the following elements of network function virtualization and make recommendations where appropriate:

  • ETSI NFV Standard Architecture
  • Element Management System
  • Network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI)
  • Virtualization Layer, Virtual Machines and Hypervisors
  • Virtualized Infrastructure Managers
  • VNF Managers
  • Artifact Lifecycle Management and CI/CD
  • Tools for Monitoring, Logging and Observability of Virtual Network Functions
  • Containerization and its Importance in Edge Computing
In conclusion, we discuss the virtualized implementation of VAS, the associated benefits and a few pitfalls to avoid.

Estimated Reading Time: 24 minutes (20 pages)