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Telco Tech

At ECT, we are dedicated to better business outcomes for CSPs and their customers. That’s why our R&D consults with people throughout our industry, like yourself, as well as with leading industry analysts.

Under this section, you will soon find a regular series of videos and podcasts, in which ECT experts and customers talk about emerging tech and product ideas for the telecoms industry.

We’re starting with three topics at the heart of what we do here at ECT.

Upcoming videos:
  1. The first track is devoted to telecoms low code, an area in which ECT is on the forefront of our industry.
  2. In the second track we will deal with how virtualization and automated lifecycle management lower deployment and operations costs for service delivery.
  3. In the third track, we discuss how and why we individualize services in continuous co-development with CSPs and their customers.

The first video is scheduled for release in January 2022 (Fill out the form below for automatic notification or follow us on Twitter)


There are currently no webinars scheduled.

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