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The CPO Perspective

Dr. Hans Huber
Chief Technical Officer
Application Development

With the need to deliver real value via digital products evolving in response to customers’ needs, organizations are bringing on C-level executives specifically to oversee products. A Chief Product Officer (CPO) establishes a product vision, product innovation, product development, product design, and a product organization. What kind of companies have CPOs ? Practically every company offering over-the-top (OTT) apps, from the global giants down to the smallest start-ups. At ECT, we have two CTOs for the network layer and application layer respectively. Our product visionary is the one responsible for our applications, CPO and CTO in one person, Dr. Hans Huber.

But why don’t more CSPs have
Chief Product Officers?

At CSPs, product strategists, product owners, product leaders and managers often have little if any C-level representation. Product people are frustrated by telecoms networks that do not support continuous, agile product composition. Some CSPs form alliances with dominant global partners or just resell third-party products, despite the resulting lower margins and lack of differentiation.

Here is where we are determined to make a difference.

Our telecoms low code and agile co-development empower product leaders to realize their own strategic product vision and respond continuously, sensitively to the changing needs of their customers.

Product People become Citizen Developers

Telecoms low code turns product owners and account managers into citizen developers. Imagine being able to try out your own ideas for apps which exploit all the capabilities in your telecoms network. Imagine being able to agilely adapt and individualize web and mobile apps in direct response to customer requests and analyses of user behavior.

User Experiences and Product Features Continuously Evolve

Beyond empowering you via low code in your telecoms network, our developers can support you in continuously improving and enhancing your products; ECT Dedicated Agile Programming Squads work full-time and exclusively for you. With a Dedicated Squad providing real results in short sprints of 2 to 3 weeks, you can quickly demonstrate enhancements to your customers and colleagues.

Innovative Product Ideas and Market Opportunities Best Explored Together

Our research and development works very closely with leading analysts like Gartner and we are always exploring both new technologies and market opportunities for CSPs. We invite you to join us and other CSPs in our ecosystem in this never-ending adventure. In our free-of-charge Joint Agile Product Development Program, we together explore how we can monetize new technologies, e.g. AI, blockchain, edge computing, etc. We investigate how CSPs can compose products targeting key emerging markets, e.g. for conversational platforms or composable enterprises. All participants bring their ideas to the table; we then create minimal usable products which all participants can try out in their own development networks. We also collaborate on business cases, market analyses, pricing and marketing.
The one common goal is to create better business outcomes for CSPs and their customers.

Bringing Low Code to Telecoms

This is the first of a series of ECT e-books on low code and its significance for CSPs. It discusses the motivation behind low code, how it is revolutionizing IT and what is required to bring low code to the telecoms network.

Estimated Reading Time: 16 minutes (13 pages)